Review of the most important pathogens in Serbian forest nurseries

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Nenad Keča


Successful reforestation depends on the quality and health of seedlings. Targeted production in forest nurseries should produce plants that will be able to survive unfavorable environmental and weather conditions in Serbia. Pathogens can reduce the vitality of seedlings and decrease survival after outplanting. The most common pathogens identified on seeds of both conifer and broadleaved seedlings are presented. The most frequently used fungicides for the control of pathogens in Serbian forest nurseries, as well as the best time of their application, are reviewed.


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Keča, Nenad. “Review of the Most Important Pathogens in Serbian Forest Nurseries”. REFORESTA 1, no. 1 (June 5, 2016): 164-177. Accessed January 28, 2023.