Reforestation in Macedonia: History, current practice and future perspectives

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Dana Dina Kolevska
Ivan Blinkov
Pande Trajkov
Vladimir Maletić


This paper presents data about forestry and reforestation in the Republic of Macedonia. The country is characterized with great diversity of natural conditions and rich floral and faunal biodiversity Forests in Macedonia cover 38% of its territory. About 71% represent coppiced and degraded and 29% tall forests. Historical, social and natural conditions caused gradual deforestation, forest and land degradation. Foundations of artificial afforestation were laid in the first decade of XX century. First reforestation started already in 1913/14 and continued, with various intensity, in the next decades. In the period between two world wars a foundation of modern forestry was established, as forestry education, scientific work etc., to help dealing with reforestation of waste bare and erosive lands. The most intensive reforestation was performed in 1971-1990 and during the following years significantly decreases. There is room for improving of some aspects of the reforestation, in aim to improve survival and development of the young stands.


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Kolevska, Dana Dina, Ivan Blinkov, Pande Trajkov, and Vladimir Maletić. “Reforestation in Macedonia: History, Current Practice and Future Perspectives”. REFORESTA0, no. 3 (July 1, 2017): 155-184. Accessed January 28, 2023.
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