Comparison of seedling quality between autochthonous and poplar clones

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Goran Servo
Jovana Devetaković
Vladan Ivetić


Autochthonous poplar species were neglected during the intense establishment of plantations using various selected clones. This paper presents the results of seedlings quality comparison of two autochthonous poplars and three clones of poplar (129/81, I-214 and PE 19/66) in order to determine capabilities for mass production of autochthonous poplar seedlings. The seedlings of clone 129/81 have the largest diameter and height, and the seedlings of black poplar shows the smallest values. Seedlings of gray poplar have similar values as seedlings of clone PE 19/66, except diameter on 1 m above the ground. Clone I–214 shows least values relative to seedlings of other two clones. The results obtained in this study indicate the possibility of mass production of autochthonous poplar seedlings. Considering that the seedlings are used primarily for the purposes of conservation, the existing manufacturing technology, as well as the applicable standards of quality seedlings, which are used for highly productive clones of poplar, should be adapted to the production of a large number of genotypes.


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Servo, Goran, Jovana Devetaković, and Vladan Ivetić. “Comparison of Seedling Quality Between Autochthonous and Poplar Clones”. REFORESTA0, no. 3 (July 1, 2017): 41-47. Accessed September 26, 2023.

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