Stocktype effect on field performance of Austrian pine seedlings

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Jovana R Devetaković
Zoran Makimović
Boris Ivanović
Zvonimir Baković
Vladan Ivetić


Austrian pine (Pinus nigra Arnold) seedlings are one of the most produced planting material in Serbian nurseries. In this study we compared a field performance of two container stocktypes, one usually used (2+0 produced in Plantagrah I) and one recently introduced (1+0 produced in Hiko V120 SS). The trial was established at planting site Vlaško polje (East Serbia), at altitude of 840 m a.s.l., one year following the total destruction of previous pine plantation by ice. One-year-old Austrian pine seedlings produced in Hiko containers show similar initial height and root collar diameter at planting time as two-year-old seedlings produced in traditionally used Plantagrah I containers. There was no vegetation control at field trial during the first growing season. At the end of the first growing season, taller (15.6 cm) and more slender (H/D=4.5) 1+0 seedlings from Hiko containers survived at higher rate, and shorter (10.9 cm) and more stocky seedlings 2+0 produced in Plantagrah I grow in height at higher rate. Seedlings taller at the planting time kept their advantage in size after the first growing season at the field. We found that both stocktypes can be used in operational planting programs on sites with lack of vegetation control.


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Devetaković, Jovana R, Zoran Makimović, Boris Ivanović, Zvonimir Baković, and Vladan Ivetić. “Stocktype Effect on Field Performance of Austrian Pine Seedlings”. REFORESTA0, no. 4 (December 30, 2017): 21-26. Accessed September 26, 2023.

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